Register Goods and Services
Tax (GST Registration) India

Register Goods & Service Tax Important Points
GST Registration in 3 days.
Completely online service- No physical presence required.
Mandatory for manufacturer, trader and service provider in India.

Goods and Services Tax (GST)

All you really need to learn about goods and services tax (GST)

Goods and services tax (GST) ensures that rather than collecting taxation at all rates in the nature of VAT, excise duty, income tax, customs duty, luxury tax and utility tax, you pay a specific tax at the end of the supply chain

GST Registration

In order to supply goods and products in India, it is mandatory to do GST registration.
Registration ensures safe taxation and also lets you enjoy various benefits. Multiple input taxes paid at every stage build up and cause cumbersome interaction with tax authorities. It would be done by applying interest at each point by charging the final tax by the buyer to the last supplier by where the goods is being bought or the services have been provided.

GST Registration measures

Registration requires a basic step-wise process
First, figure out if GST registration should be subject to mandatory or optional registration for your particular situation.
Review the documentation needed to register with GST and prepare them correctly
Test the documentation by a specialist to prevent denial
Uploading the documents to the GSTN website along with the GSTN application form
Normally just a few days until the GST registration is reviewed and accepted. The registration certificate will be granted accordingly.